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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Social Science Research

Megan Stubbs-Richardson, Lauren Etheredge, MacKenzie Paul, and Devon Brenner

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In a world with hundreds of thousands of AI, we sought to offer social scientists a starting point to exploring the world of AI, by building a database of 250 AI tools that can be used for social science research. We developed a database of 250 AI tools that can be used for (1) literature reviews, summaries, or writing, (2) data collection, analysis, or visualizations, and (3) research dissemination. In doing so, this database currently provides 132 AI tools for literature reviews, 146 for data collection or analyses, and 108 for dissemination purposes. We also answered key questions to help explore user’s preferences, including whether log-ins and costs were involved, whether plug-in extensions were provided, and any key notes about the development of the AI at the time of publication (October 5, 2023).

We also applied an academic lens to building this database by combining our shared experiences on research projects from across our disciplines to pull the AI tools that may be the most relevant to social scientists.

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