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It’s a Global #MeToo: A Cross-National Comparison of Public Figures Exposed in the Movement

Megan Stubbs-Richardson, Shelby Gilbreath, Doug Girault, and Audrey Reid

The MeToo movement, launched by Tarana Burke, has made a global impact reaching more than 85 nations (Stone & Vogelstein, 2019). The global reach of #MeToo presents an emerging opportunity to assess how the social movement has influenced opinions on sexual assault, reporting decisions, and socio-legal change across societies (Amos, 2019). In this cross-national research, we analyze #MeToo discussions of public figures for three countries: China, Sweden, & the US. We explore this topic using open source intelligence data gathering techniques to collect data across approximately 30 unique social media and dark web forums. Research and policy implications will be discussed.

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